Bacari Design


Brenton Bacari's approach to design is drawn from a life-long engagement and commitment to the visual arts. Having always excelled in this, he attended several universities, in which his studies included drawing, painting, interior design, architecture and photography. Upon graduation, he began his career focused solely on interior design. Now, he enjoys over thirty years of practice. Prior to launching his own firm in 1991, he was senior designer for several high profile design and architectural firms in Washington, DC and Beverly Hills, CA.

To achieve a cohesive look and feeling, my services often include collaboration with an architect, contractor and others in the trade. I bring with me a team of all the necessary tradesmen and craftsmen required to implement my design concept. All of them are highly proficient in their respective trade and enable me to construct a seamless package. My projects encompass many different locales, with bases in Washington, DC, Miami Beach, FL and Los Angeles, CA.

BHCC (Bacari Home Couture Collection) is a comprehensive line of upholstery, casegoods and accessories currently only available through my firm. It's unique character is the diversity of style, materials and details of each individual piece. It was not designed as a collection, per se. Rather, it has been developed over a thirty year span and continues to evolve, filling a void and gap in the existing home furnishings marketplace. I conceived, designed and prototyped each piece for placement in my projects. A pioneering and notable example is The Alta Lamp, with its fresh concept of an electric bulb placed inside a wax sleeve to give the impression of a burning candle. This original concept has been much copied and is now commonplace.

I use the latest 3D computer generated visualization tools (CAD) as my drafting platform, to help you make informed decisions. Drawings are easier to understand and revisions are much easier and faster. This will save you money, time and unpleasant, unforeseen results.